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John Alexander: How To Get Your Ex Back Guides

In this article I will introduce you to the “John Alexander How To Get Your Ex Back – Guides.”

How to get your ex back

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Readers often ask me whether there are any good books on “How to win your ex back”. They express their problems as follows: “My ex isn’t talking to me” or “My boyfriend no longer wants anything to do with me.” It seems to be all over. The mother of all questions: “How can I get my husband back?”or “How do I get my ex-girlfriend back?”

The best books on this topic available are the How To Get Your Ex Back – Guides by John Alexander.

These ebooks describe strategies you can use to get back your ex. However, they also explain in detail what you have to do to be attractive to the other sex. For example, he suggests writing a letter to your girlfriend or boyfriend to spark a strong interest and to get out of the dead-end of a relationship that has “lost its way”. Interest … at the moment, this seems to have disappeared.

When it comes down to it, it’s your attractiveness that counts. And you can learn to be more attractive for your partner and for everyone around you.

But this isn’t about pretending to be someone you are not, or jumping through a whole lot of hoops. If you want to get out of the trap of a separation, you have to learn to be open to new things. This guide helps you to do this. Change always starts inside your own head! Openness leads to a new understanding and this can help you to win back your ex. Nevertheless, there is obviously no guarantee that this will happen. However, the future of your relationship depends to a very large extent on your inner attitude when it comes to dealing with changed conditions. Without openness you will fail, because pigheadedness and stubbornness are poison in any relationship involving people.

Moreover, you will learn to love yourself. Without a certain degree of self-love, you will fail in every relationship, because if you don’t love yourself, how are other people going to love you? You will do things that are good for you and that will markedly improve your emotional state of health. You will once again like yourself and others will, too! Your emotional well-being and your optimism are absolute basic requirements in order to be liked by other people.

About the author: John Alexander is an American relationship coach who has counseled thousands of people over many years. In the course of this he has found the mechanisms, the levers if you like, in the human psyche which make a person attractive. Everything I talk about here is written for you clearly and in detail in his books in “step-by-step instructions.” This enables everybody, really everybody, to easily understand his methods and apply them immediately.

These books will give you a complete, sequenced plan and all you have to do is implement it. You have probably already read about the “no contact rule” you have to adhere to. But that’s not all there is to it. Certain things have to follow directly. And here John Alexander has in-depth instructions for you on how to act. He describes in detail not only what you have to do, but also exactly when you have to do it! Because, naturally, right timing is absolutely crucial for your strategy to work. Therefore it is now absolutely essential that you are informed in detail. I recommend that you order the guide here now and implement all instructions by John Alexander.

How To Get Your Ex Back Guides by John Alexander

John Alexander: How To Get Your Ex Back – Guides

For evolutionary reasons, men and women are very different, therefore there are also two different books which are each specifically geared to the particular sex. It would be extremely strange if there was only one book! As a result, you will find the different links to the two guides here.

The guide on how to win back a man is available here: How to get boyfriend back.

The guide on how to win back a woman is available here: How to get girlfriend back.

Furthermore, one has to say that these books not only offer support for the separation phase, but are also helpful if you want to increase your attractiveness to the point where the partner isn’t even thinking of wanting anyone but you. Even if your ex still wants to separate from you – with the knowledge gleaned from John Alexander’s book you will become irresistible for all other members of the opposite sex as well.

You can’t really go wrong with these books. No “helper industry” can give you the knowledge that these guides can! In my opinion, you should be wary of the helper industry, because it is an industry with tangible financial interests which mainly looks out for itself. My personal experiences with the helper industry were downright awful.



In particular, with a 60-days money-back-guarantee you cannot go wrong, really. However, my personal experience is that there are only very, very few who want to have their money back, because the quality of advice in the John Alexander How To Get Your Ex Back – books is very high.

In addition, both books are written in a very breezy style, i.e. no dry psychological blah-blah that nobody understands.

I can give a 100% recommendation for both John Alexander How To Get Your Ex Back – guides.

I wish you much success and all the best. And most of all: Don’t give up!

I can give you my 100% recommendation for the guides by John Alexander. They have proven themselves a thousand times over.

How to get boyfriend back – guide.

How to get girlfriend back – guide.



Customer Feedback


.. my gut instinct about this page and the video is really good… I think what you are doing here is fantastic. Even if I won’t succeed in getting back my wife…

Hello, I can only say: Without this ebook “Ex Back” by John Alexander it would be very difficult to win back one’s ex. That’s because the book is incredibly comprehensive. John Alexander goes into the smallest detail with a multitude of tips that one needs in order to get closer to one’s ex partner again. And it’s not just about winning back one’s ex, it is also about considering one’s whole life and thinking about all the things that went wrong in the relationship. I thought the book was fantastic because without it, I would still be stuck in my old thinking patterns. If I had read it prior to my relationship, I would have a really fantastic life now!

Hello Mr. Wachtel, I am really astonished and completely surprised, almost shocked, at the AMAZING effect your strategy had. Everything is going really well and according to plan. My ex-boyfriend got in touch, was very curious, asked me how I was, wanted to know what was happening in my life, whether there was another man … He has caught the bait…

Hello Mr Wachtel, I am very thankful for your tips…

Really good article…

I went and bought the ebook by John Alexander yesterday. He described the letter exactly like Uli had. And I wrote everything just like I was supposed to. I have already read through all of it once. I did realize there were a lot of things that I had been doing wrong in the relationship.

I have to add, however, that I really am a VERY VERY skeptical person and had ABSOLUTELY NO hope anymore that anything would come from him. We also had no contact for 3 weeks and I had heard NOTHING from him. Then I wrote him the letter. Then 1 week later came the first phone call and then again and now step by step.


Great homepage, well done! Keep it up…


This is just some of the feedback I have received from satisfied customers.

Look at the offer now and click on the appropriate link to win back you ex.


How to get boyfriend back – guide.

How to get girlfriend back – guide.





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