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Help From Friends and Relatives?

Help from friends and relatives

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Frequently people ask whether you should seek help from a friend and totally rely on it when going through a separation. Because, obviously, the partner is no longer there.

The answer is: In principle, YES, but it’s the intensity that’s crucial! Therefore “looking for advice” from friends is completely okay. However, you should try – even with friends – to do more than just “whine” about the loss you have suffered, sharing your problems and baring your soul in front of them again and again. I know that’s difficult. But it is also true that even the best friends, and relatives, too, are heavily burdened by this and can become quite irritated. Some people subsequently even lose their willingness to help. Friendships have been broken by this!

Use your friends to pull yourself out of your misery! Do nice things together. Create wonderful experiences which you can now enjoy with your friends!

Accept the separation for the time being! It is only when you are able to laugh again that you stand any chance at all of winning back your ex.

The healing of your soul is a vital component for this! Nothing could be worse now than falling into depression.

And, in any case, you should never exclusively rely on other people, i.e. you should have learnt to be able to survive on your own! A relationship is more fun if there are no dependencies between the partners. And it definitely increases your partner’s respect and makes you more attractive.


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