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Ex Back Through No Contact Rule

Ex Back Through No Contact Rule

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You might be asking yourself the question: How do I get back my ex through a no contact rule? You might have already heard in my video or from some other source that getting back your ex only works if you stick to the no contact rule at the beginning. Possibly you already know of the relationship guides by John Alexander which give you step-by-step instructions to win back your ex. They, too, describe the no contact rule as the first and most important step. Together with a letter, which you will find here in the internal area, you are initiating the process of winning back your ex. All further steps are described in detail in these two guides by John Alexander. You might ask yourself what purpose this serves. How can I get back my ex with a communication ban? Do ex-back tips actually help at all? Consider this: At the moment you are chasing your ex and that’s not a good situation. By implementing the no contact rule, you will turn the tables on them.


The consequences of the communication ban:

  • You will no longer be seen as the supplicant and the one who is suffering.
  • You are removing the emotional pressure from off your ex.
  • This, in turn, means that you will no longer be feeling counter-pressure from your ex.
  • Your ex will respect and value you again.
  • You will have enough time to develop yourself into a most desirable person.
  • You will demonstrate that you are in control of yourself and your own life.
  • The probability of getting back your ex in your current situation is about zero.
  • If you did get him or her back in your current situation, he or she would be gone again quickly.
  • By breaking off the contact, your ex will become curious about you. You will take advantage of this curiosity.
  • At some stage in the future, your partner will be interested once more in having contact, but then this will happen on your terms.
  • Men hate loneliness. The sudden no contact rule is very difficult for him.
  • The communication ban makes it easier to arrange for a date again after a certain time.


Therefore it makes sense that “Ex back through no contact rule” could work really well. But, obviously, there is no 100% guarantee. Naturally, it will work better if you have detailed “how-to” instructions which you can follow concretely. You will find such specific step-by-step instructions in the guides by John Alexander, which were developed by him to help those affected. After some time, your ex will be totally obsessed with you. He or she will want to know what you are up to. The communication ban will drive your ex up the wall. Your ex will think that you have someone else. Make it a secret, but hint that you are involved in new, exciting projects. This all starts with the letter which you will write first of all.

If he/she now sends an SMS, don’t reply. Don’t answer the phone. Keep this up for 7 days.

Your letter and your ex back through the communication ban after separation

Once you have written the letter and have stuck to the no contact rule, you will have a lot less problems with arranging a new date. You are now in an absolutely advantageous position if your ex besieges you now, triggered by the no contact rule. As a consequence, you will get your ex back by means of the no contact rule. But for this, more steps have to follow.

Webinar: No Contact Rule – What Now?

No contact rule

Webinar: No Contact Rule – What Now?

I was weighing up for a long time, whether I should do it. In my webinar (seminar on the web), I will tell you about my own personal separation a few years ago in concrete terms and what the end result of it was. In doing so I want to show you that you are not the only one this has happened to. In my webinar, you will hear about some of the reasons why it is always worthwhile not to despair after a separation. You will also find out:

  • Why the phase of communicationban is so important
  • What it is that you have to really clarify for yourself
  • How to make the most of the time during the no contact rule
  • Miscellaneous guides – literature
  • What the next steps are

The next webinar about this topic (The No Contact Rule – What Now?) will take place next Wednesday and Sunday at 9 pm.

Secure your place in the webinar now. You must hurry because the places in the webinar are limited and there is a lot of interest.

Click here >> http://ex-zurueck-profi.com/webinar-kontaktsperre (Sorr, German version only)

I look forward to seeing you at the webinar.


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