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Guides by John Alexander

The well-known relationship guides by John Alexander continue to grow in popularity – also by international standards.

Both of the original books in English have now been translated into some of the most important world languages and are available in German as well as Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Italian.

The guides, available as e-books, have gone from strength to strength and are now considered a standard work, which no person concerned (more…)

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Get Ex Back With Friendship

trying with friendship

Source: FlickrCC – Author: Cia De Foto

Recently a young woman wrote to me to tell me that her boyfriend has broken up with her and that she cannot live without him and therefore wants to remain friends with him. It was her way of staying in touch with him, i.e. stay close by, even if a love relationship was no longer possible.

Naturally I advised her against it! Why?

  1. It is always very painful to keep (more…)

Ex Back Through No Contact Rule

Ex Back Through No Contact Rule

Source: FlickrCC – Author: Marina Montoya

You might be asking yourself the question: How do I get back my ex through a no contact rule? You might have already heard in my video or from some other source that getting back your ex only works if you stick to the no contact rule at the beginning. Possibly you already know of the relationship guides by John Alexander which give you step-by-step instructions to win back (more…)

John Alexander: How To Get Your Ex Back Guides

In this article I will introduce you to the “John Alexander How To Get Your Ex Back – Guides.”

How to get your ex back

Source: FlickrCC – Author: Jin Thai

Readers often ask me whether there are any good books on “How to win your ex back”. They express their problems as follows: “My ex isn’t talking to me” or “My boyfriend no longer wants anything to do with me.” It seems to be all over. The mother of all questions: (more…)

Help From Friends and Relatives?

Help from friends and relatives

Source: FlickrCC – Author: Alwita

Frequently people ask whether you should seek help from a friend and totally rely on it when going through a separation. Because, obviously, the partner is no longer there.

The answer is: In principle, YES, but it’s the intensity that’s crucial! Therefore “looking for advice” from friends is completely okay. However, you should try – even with friends – to do more than just “whine” about the loss you have suffered, (more…)

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Is meeting up with an ex a good idea?

ex back

Source: FlickrCC Author: Roxanna Salceda

You would like to meet up with your ex! Many deserted partners want to do this. I would definitely counsel you not to.

Often these meetings end in fruitless discussions about the relationship. This type of discussion is not going to help you at the present time.

Therefore my advice: DON’T MEET UP. Not in your present condition.


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