How To Get Your Ex Back….

How To Get Your Ex Back….
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How To Get Your Ex Back….

Professional help during separation… is synonymous with professional help if you want to win back you ex.


Ex back – literature

I have done extensive research on the topic “Ex Back Mistakes” and can give you important ex back tips. There is an incredible amount of material on this out there. The guides by John Alexander in particular caught my eye. There is a

Both these guides contain a lot of useful information and could be called standard works.

Please also have a look at this ex back video !


Ex back – webinar


contact ban

Webinar: Contact ban – what now?

Are you feeling insecure, sad, angry? Don’t know how you should go on from here? Then attend one of my free webinars (seminars on the web). They are made for people who don’t know what they should practically do now, after a separation.

Click here to register for the webinar straight away (in german language only):

Webinar places are limited and fill up fast. It is therefore best to reserve your place right now.

The next webinars (in german language only) are scheduled for this coming Wednesday and Saturday at 9 pm.

I look forward to seeing you there!


“I would have a really fantastic life!”


I can only say: Without this ebook “how to get your ex back” by John Alexander it would be very difficult to win back one’s ex. That’s because this book is incredibly comprehensive.

John Alexander goes into the smallest detail with a multitude of tips that one needs in order to get closer to one’s ex partner again. And it’s not just about winning back one’s ex, it is also about considering one’s whole life and thinking about all the things that went wrong in the relationship.

I thought the book was fantastic because without it, I would still be stuck in my old thinking patterns. If I had read it prior to my relationship, I would have a really fantastic life now!



I have lived through a painful separation and all phases of this break-up. I know the ups and downs of this painful emotional roller coaster. Fundamental misunderstandings led to the end of my marriage of 20 years. The end of the marriage was also a terrible experience for the children involved. Today I am in a very stable, balanced, and happy relationship. The author therefore knows the ‘delicate difference’ that leads to a healthy relationship. He is aware of the wrong tracks, the misunderstandings, but also the expectations and joys of a good relationship between partners. I want to use my website to support those affected. Take advantage of this – because it will give you a chance to win back your ex.


Direct contact

Please read the blog to inform yourself and sign up for the email newsletter to receive important information pertaining to your situation by email. You are also welcome to contact the author directly by letter at this address here or leave a message on the problems-voice-mailbox via free internet direct call. However, you could also simply write an email.


“Keep it up!” Great homepage, well done! Keep it up! Greetings and all the best 🙂 Oskar


We would recommend a letter!

  Write to us by hand – exactly as you would write your first letter to your ex. You will receive a personal reply back from us with advice regarding you draft letter. Please don’t underestimate the power of a handwritten letter! Especially nowadays.


“1 week later came the first phone call” I have to add, however, that I really am a VERY VERY skeptical person and had ABSOLUTELY NO hope anymore that anything would come from him. We also had no contact for 3 weeks and I had heard NOTHING from him. Then I wrote him the letter. Then 1 week later came the first phone call and then again and now step by step. I WOULD LIKE TO ENCOURAGE ALL THE PEOPLE HERE; IT CAN REALLY WORK; NO MATTER HOW DESPERATE THINGS LOOK AT THE MOMENT AND HOW LITTLE YOU BELIEVE IN IT; I DIDN’T BELIEVE IN IT EITHER; BUT IT WORKED =) Carolin


“We would like to help you!”

  It is essential that you ask other people for help in the phase you are in at the moment. You often get help from your relatives and your friends, but you should be careful that you spread out your “problem” over many shoulders. Otherwise you might overwhelm those close to you.


ex back



You can also look online for help, e.g. here in both guides by John Alexander (How to get boyfriend back – guide  and How to get girlfriend back – guide). There you will find the best tips available on this topic, one’s that you should be aware of!   It is very important to us that our customers are satisfied. We would be thrilled to welcome you as our customer as well. But now I would like to once again recommend the ebooks mentioned before. Just follow the links at the end of the page and order on John Alexander’s website.

How to get girlfriend back – guide >> click here NOW!

How to get boyfriend back – guide >> click here NOW!


win back ex






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